Judy Frankel's 6-part HuffPost series

Judy Frankel writes for Huffington Post about a variety of issues, including in 2015 her 6-part series

  1. Voting in America: Overview of the entire 6-part series, and the best piece.
  2. Corruption: "Only three [2016 US presidential] candidates are willing to say that the system is corrupt: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Lawrence Lessig. But Trump has no solution to the problem, while the other two do... Lessig offers the 'American Anti-Corruption Act' and a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that overturns Citizens United. Sanders [says] 'any nominee of mine to the U.S. Supreme Court will make it loud and clear before that name goes to the Senate, that he or she will vote to overturn this disastrous Citizens United'." From all that, she concludes the president will fail to combat corruption... and therefore (rather vaguely) "we" somehow must do it.
  3. Voter intimidation: Recounts some true, but unfortunately too commonplace, stories about attempts to deceive/manipulate/intimidate voters with "official" looking warnings and misinformation. These kinds of ploys (and many others...) unfortunately happen often and it is very rare that anybody is made to pay a legal price for instigating them.
  4. Voting machines: Reviews some findings about how easy it is to rig and manipulate computerized voting machines. And if I'd written this it would have seemed even worse; she scares you, but the truth is even scarier than she realizes.
  5. The electoral college: "We need to use our people power to abolish the electoral college and replace it with direct popular election of the President."
  6. Range voting: She gives a very brief look at several different voting methods and notes William Poundstone's book concludes Range Voting is the best of them.

In 2015, Frankel authored the book In Search of the Next POTUS: One Woman's Quest to Fix Washington, a True Story which you too can buy. It looks likely to be educational.

Also in HuffPost was Two-Party Stranglehold: Alternative Voting Models to Open Up Electoral Process by Michele Swenson (2014).

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