MacKinnon, Jeffrey S. (12345) Gray ME USA;

Cooper, Daniel <> (12345) St. Ismier (Grenoble) France;
I am an engineer with broad scientific and mathematical training. I am very concerned about freedom and democracy, and have looked carefully at various voting reform systems as a non-partisan way to improve this. I have lived in Europe for 9 years and have seen how system of elections affects the process and the results. | |I have concluded that Range Voting would be the optimal reform. This method would reduce the incentive for negative campaigning. It favors a psychological shift from comparing candidates to evaluating each candidate on his or her merit. | |My preference is Approval Voting (range = 0..1). It is the optimal strategy for Range Voting. If even a few people use that strategy, it is best that everyone do so to preserve an equal voice for all. The purpose of an election is to elect a candidate. Detailed preferences, I believe, are better expressed in polls.

Bielawski, Peter L. <> (12345) Fort Collins CO USA;
Electrical engineer. I've actually run range voting in simulated elections and found it to be most effective in translating political intent into political results.

Andrews, Peter C (12345) Norwich VT USA;

Shentrup, Clay <> (12345) Seattle WA USA;

MacGuire, Cord <> (12345) Boulder CO USA;
Anything we can do to open up the election process will be a step toward greater freedom for American voters.

Candey, Robert M. (12345) Greenbelt MD USA;

Barnes, William <> (12345) Arlington TX USA;

smith, mitzy (12345) stony brook ny USA;

Stewart, Charles Bruce, <> (12) Sandy Oregon USA;
I am a very advanced scholar on "Constitutional-Law"; "Common-Law", & "Direct-Democracy" (among other things). | |The details of those claims could fill this page; |but i think it better to just allow for opportunities to show my skills in more personal discussions with individual people in this group. | |I hope to develop working-relationships with all people of good will. | |Sincerely; | |Charles ...

Gruber, Steven J. <> (12345) Glenshaw PA USA;
I choose to not play the fame number game. But it requires me to put in a number. So I asked the computer to pick a random number, and the first digit was an 8. So I'll put in 8.

Reed, Beverly G. <> (123456) USA;

Joyal, Sarah E. (123456) WI USA;
This is quite possibly the most revolutionary thing I've ever heard of, and also one of the most eminently sensible. As someone entirely disillusioned by our current 2-party system, and a 100% supporter of the Libertarian party, anything to help break the domination is wonderful. | |(Please visit the link if you want to know more about me/my views, etc.)

Singh, Pal. <> (123456) Queens NY USA;
Law Student in NYC |Worked in New York State Senate |Former Organizer for a major third party in New York State

Stuckey, Wayne <> (123456) Wichita KS USA;

Rigney, Donald S. <> (123456) Bohemia NY USA;
I support range voting because it could move us away from the current system in which effectively only two parties are represented in congress, and because it would help eliminate the problem of third party candidates being spoilers for the mainstream cadidates.

Graepel, Mark <> (123456) Portland OR USA;

Hurst, Jason <> (123456) Raleigh NC USA;

Nerode, Nathanael <neroden at fastmail dot fm> (123456) Ithaca NYNo USA;
No impressive qualifications, just a citizen.

Mitchell, Joseph S. B. <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;
Joseph S. B. Mitchell received a BS (1981, Physics and Applied |Mathematics), and an MS (1981, Mathematics) from Carnegie-Mellon |University, and Ph.D. (1986, Operations Research) from Stanford |University. Mitchell was with Hughes Research Labs (1981-86) and then |on the faculty of Cornell University (1986-1991). He now serves as |Professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Research Professor |of Computer Science at the University at Stony Brook. Mitchell has |received various research awards (NSF Presidential Young Investigator, |Fulbright Scholar, President's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and |Creative Activities) and numerous teaching awards. His primary |research area is computational geometry, applied to problems in |computer graphics, visualization, air traffic management, |manufacturing, and geographic information systems. Mitchell has |served for several years on the Computational Geometry Steering |Committee, often as Chair. He is on the editorial board of the |journals Discrete and Computational Geometry, Computational Geometry: |Theory and Applications, and the Journal of Graph Algorithms and |Applications, and is an Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal |of Computational Geometry and Applications. He has served on numerous |program committees and was co-chair of the PC for the 21st ACM |Symposium on Computational Geometry (2005). |

Kenneth Guarino <> (123456) Springfield VA United States;
I vote in every election - this voting model is superior to our current system - especially in the primaries.

Manning, Clayton R <> (123456) Laguna Beach CA USA;

Rew, Russell K. <> (12346) Boulder CO USA;
PhD in Computer Science, University of Colorado; Manager of UCAR Unidata Data Services; voter in caucuses, primaries, and elections | |

Gilson, Bruce R. <> (1) Rockville Md. USA;
I just put a posting on my blog about it. Read all about it at .

David Stephenson <> (123456) Dunn NC USA;

Flynn, Nico <> (123456) NEW YORK ny USA;
I have just read William Poundstone's Gaming the Vote ISBN: 9780809048939 (hardcover : alk. paper) |0809048930 (hardcover : alk. paper) |

Davis, Joseph <> (123456) Forest Grove OR USA;

Lampman, Vicky <> (123456) Red Wing MN USA;
Knowledgeable about the crooks..

Atwood, Frank F <> (123456) Littleton CO USA;
I have no impressive qualification, however.... I have read _Gaming the Vote_ by William Poundstone, and his discussion of the Venetian Republic's election of their doge for 500 years speaks very well of their (limited range) approval voting system. Also, this web site's discussion of bees and ants over millions of years convinces me to cast my unequivocal support for Range Voting. Yes, as a Libertarian I pray that we may elect more candidates, but far more important is that a better voting system be implemented. The two major parties started out with more than a dozen candidates each and who are their champions? John and Barak? The nation deserves a better voting method.

Piergallini, Mario (12345) Pinehurst NC USA;

Gier, Paul <> (123456) Austin TX USA;

Freeman, Devin Ray <> (123456) Wausau WI USA;

Shellman, Joel <> (123456) Camas WA USA;

Rollier, Andrea <> (123456) Latham NY USA;

Naugle,Qushaun <> (123456) Chicago IL USA;
A very good student and a very good leader. |Never lose when leading.

Hayashi, Kazuko <> (123456) kyoto JAPAN;

meier russell k <> (123456) iselin nj USA;

Kunz, Juliana (123456) Cambridge MA USA;

Hinshaw, Lisa Marie (123456) Springfield OH USA;
I am someone who does not vote, but I would vote if Range Voting were the method, that I know. It just makes complete sense.

Mitchell, Lorne <> (123456) London UK;
As a beekeeper, I was particularly interested in discovering that a swarm of bees is far better at voting than most human "democratic" voting systems. | |There must be a way of creating a simple and secure voting platform on the internet that mimics the ways of the bees and create better and fairer voting.....and if we added dancing (like the bees do) then it would be a lot more fun too!

Heisler, John D., III <> (123456) Galloway OH USA;
I'm a (hopefully up-and-coming) actor who's always had an interest in political science, so if you see my name up in lights someday--well, then we'll have to talk about revising the fame number.

Ahmed, Maged <> (123456) toronto on canada;

Nathan, Long <> (123456) Redmond OR USA;
I'm 18 and I care about our voting system, so should everyone who can vote.

Hively, Matthew D. <> (123456) Burlingame CA USA;
Although I honestly cannot see any of these initiatives getting past the deeply entrenched bureaucratic system that we have in place for this country, these are all very fair proposals and much needed. They remove much of the political tampering factor thus allowing more freedom in our government elections. Sanity must be restored to our political system.

Ellis, Michael <> (123456) Weaverville NC USA;
Developer of PeerTool ( ), a group-decision system that features positive/negative approval rating of multiple options on multiple criteria. PeerTool is not a voting system, per se, as it is designed for use by small groups of mutually-trusting members, e.g. boards and task forces, and supports iterative re-evaluation and introduction of new options and criteria by any member of the group in real time. | |I support range voting as the best practical election method based on my research and experiences developing PeerTool.

Burgess, Stephen <> (123456) Poughkeepsie NY USA;
Graduate of Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA |Artist and writer |History buff |Survivor of chronic depression |Deans List student pursuing associates degree in visual art at SUNY Dutchess Community College |Sales and Marketing associate at an apple orchard/farm bakery

Borecky, Kent <> (123456) Joliet IL USA;

Parga, Bruno B. A. <brunoparga at gmail dot com> (123456) Brasília DF Brazil;
Diplomat - Third Secretary at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

Paielli, Russell <> (123456) San Jose CA USA;
Aeronautical R&D engineer

Andreas, Jonathan (123456) Bluffton OH USA;
Economics professor at Bluffton University. |Currently researching utilitarianist tendencies and anti-utilitarianism within the economics profession. The anti-utilitarianist influence in economics which became dominant in the 1930s is a major reason why range voting is ignored in the academic literature. It is a completely different paradigm from what Arrow, Sen, Buchannan, or other academics have considered since the current literature on voting theory and social choice really began and rediscovered Dodgson, Condorcet, etc..

Flanagan, Liam (123456) Leeds England;

Rosenthal, Jonathan <> (123456) Ewing NJ USA;

Zhaochen He <> (123456) Brookline MA USA;
None I just think it's a good idea.

Cotter,Eric <> (123456) Verona WI USA;

McDonald, James A. <> (13) Erie PA USA;
Political Science, B.A. 2009 |History, M.A. 2011 |Full-Time Behavior Counselor

Turnbull, Roy C. <> (123456) Shelby Twp MI USA;

Romano, Jonathan M <> (123456) OKC OK USA;
Vault hunter

matt, kyle <> (123456) Park city UT USA;

Wolf, Aaron C. <> (123456) Ann Arbor MI USA;
I am currently founding an organization for funding Free Open Source Software and Free Culture media. We will use range voting for board elections and other decision processes where applicable!

McCullough, Joshua S. <> (123456) Leesburg Virginia USA;
Free-thinking software engineer.

Reynolds, Caitlin A (123456) Tuscaloosa Al USA;

Robidoux, Timothy J <> (123456) Chepachet Rhode Island USA;

Albrecht, Margaret (4) USA;

Williams, David <> (1246) Lincoln va USA;
Prof of English, George Mason University | Author of American Studies books, Harvard BA 72, Harvard Divinity MTS 1976, Brown PH.D. 82, Fulbright scholar 1992 |Latest ook: "Searching for God in the Sixties"

Baillie, Kieren B. <> (123456) Brisbane QLD Australia;

Goold, Alexander C <> (123456) Jersey City New Jersey USA;
None, I am incredibly average. I just think the ideas presented here, on this website, have the potential to lead to fairness and equality.

Gibbs, Joshua L. <> (123456) Weirsdale FL USA;
I have an IQ high enough that when I was in elementary school I would have placed in the "gifted" class, except that my social skills were too low. I am good friends with most of my local church's staff (including our popular, politically active, and locally reputable pastor) and could probably get them to endorse your ballot initiative because it is a nonpartisan reform. My perspective is deferred to by my friends and most of my family when they are not sure what the scripturally correct belief or action is. I know many people dissatisfied with our nation's government and many people who are getting tired of the culture wars. I live in an area with many senior citizens, who are statistically much more likely to vote, though slightly less likely to major support changes to the current system even when to their advantage. I am unmarried and have only a part time job, so that I am capable of slightly more activism through the internet, mail, or phone than the average person even though I have insomnia and can not go door to door due to not yet attaining a driver's license. I am very passionate when it comes to issues of freedom and equality. I know many people who believe the constitution should be restored to it's proper role in government. I am some friendly relationships with differing factions and so could spread these ideas beyond my own clique. I love you, and I do so as a representative of Jesus Christ. I look forward to serving you.

Kretschmer, Bonnie L. <> (123456) Oxford OH USA;

Hunt, David Rogers <> (123456) Louisville Kentucky USA;

Patrick, Henry <> (123456) New York NY USA;
Meh, not really.

Johnson, John <> (123456) Yorba Linda CA USA;
Comparative Politics and Political Theory student

Waugh, William <h7665tfmt7 ayut snkmail daht kahm> (123456) Fairfax Va. USA;

Pleasants, Shane (1346) Raleigh NC USA;

caron, albert <> (123456) washington DC USA;
professor emeritus in psychology Boston University

Scheer, Torey J. (123456) Rochester NY USA;
Programmer, R.I.T. graduate. I follow a handful of political activist groups, of whom I support and and endorse when I believe in their cause.

Sares, Steven M. <> (123456) Englewood CO USA;

Gibbs, Joshua <> (123456) Weirsdale FL USA;

Wonder, Malachi J. <> (13456) Bellingham WA United States;
Grade 3 level BCPA competition bagpiper. |Blackbelt in Goju Karate. |(At time of writing) 14 year old with college credit.

Abby Schwartz <> (123456) Lansing MI USA;
none, but I think a lot.

Parker Friedland <> (123456) Kirkland WA USA;

Morris, Lindsay H <> (123456) Asheville NC United States;

Kerin, Britton <> (123456) Fairbanks Alaska United States;
none, just a programmer

Rodgers, James <> (123456) Keller texas USA;

Krody, Nancy M. <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;

Morley, Liam <> (123456) Goderich ON Canada;

Sola, Alejandro J <> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;
MS in System Dynamics, WPI |Certificate in Decision Analysis, Stanford University