Kok, Jan (12345) Fort Collins CO USA;
Voting reform activist since 2000. |

Smith, Warren D. (12345) Stony Brook NY USA;
Mathematician & Founder of CRV |

Timofeev, Lester M <Penobscotgreen@aol.com> (12345) Stetson ME USA;
Greetings! I do agree with the Range Voting Method personally.I am an Officer on the Maine Green Independent Party's Steering ( state Executive ) Committee. I am a Member as well as the Scribe. I am also the Municipal Chairperson for the MGIP in Stetson, Maine, as well as an Alternate Delegate to the National Committee Convention. I have some more reading to do, but I do certainly agree with what I have read so far, third parties are never thought of...Well rarely if they are. In Maine the Green Party is widely recognized with over 24,155 registered Greeens. I will approach Pat LaMarche as well as Morgen D'Arc they are both our USGP Reps. And see how they and the entire committee feels about the Range Voting. However, I do personally encourage continued Activism and Lobbying on the Range Voting.... | | Peace, | |Lester M. Timofeev

Pratt, Jason W <jason@jasonpratt.com> (12345) Austin TX USA;

Ross, Ginny (12345) Portland OR USA;
Founded Democracy for Oregon (DFO). Also recommend election defense alliance. I am happy to support range voting. First we must have actual voting and vote counting so we can purge the administration of the criminal cabal (R's & D's alike). Then we can start to go about resurrecting our democracy. "Just like global warming and climate crisis, the debate about whether electronic voting machines are secure or not is long over. There is overwhelming consensus among computer scientists and security experts that electronic voting machines are fundamentally and unacceptably vulnerable. And like the climate crisis, the only discussion remaining is what we do about it." --Megan Matson, Election Reform Activist. | |

Masquilier, Augustin (12345) Taichung Taiwan;

I equally support Condorcet, Approval voting and Range Voting, but my personal favorite is called Emocracy which is Range Voting, with a range going from -1 (I disapprove of this candidate), to 0 (I don't know this candidate, or I am indifferent), to +1 (I approve of this candidate). |

|Some people might be interested in www.wechange.org : change to create a better tomorrow. |Web application / php developers might particularly be interested in the article "A class of voting method php API for use throughout the web".


Ucko, Aaron M. <amu@alum.mit.edu> (12345) Washington DC USA;
I have a decently wide range of experience with "alternative" voting systems (mainly IRV/STV and Condorcet-SSD), and feel that pretty much anything would be an improvement over crude plurality. Although I'm not convinced that Condorcet's inevitable mathematical flaws are all that likely to be a problem in practice, I concede that range voting has the considerable advantage of being far simpler to understand, so I shall willingly endorse it. I also support your remaining proposals, and moreover call for voter-verifiable paper trails in all elections (per http://www.verifiedvoting.org/).

Foster, William K. <h8_spam@sonic.net> (12345) Saratoga CA USA;
Software Engineer, M.I.T. alumni.

Pannbacker, Nathan R <rakeela@gmail.com> (123456) Decatur IL USA;
I am an econ-major in college - at 17. I have met with a number of candidates for different political parties and have worked on diverse campaigns. My hobby is pretty exclusively studying economics and political science, with occasional forays into other fields. I have developed something of a fledgling political network and intend to advance it consistently. My goal is to go into politics as a career - preferably however, as a policy analyst and/or lobbyist rather than as a politician myself. I am a Libertarian in orientation (though I will work with anyone who can advance my ideological goals).

Ong, Daniel <dan at danielong.us> (125) Boulder CO USA;
Libertarian candidate for University of Colorado Regent At Large (statewide), 2006 (I was actually asked to withdraw from the race by my Republican opponent so I wouldn't act as a "spoiler" candidate) and 2004 (record statewide non-major party, non-presidential vote total over 79,000). Election/supply judge in Boulder County for two decades prior to that, assigned to student precincts (on/near CU-Boulder) more than any other person. Colorado delegate to Libertarian Party National Convention, Portland, Oregon, July 2006. Former upper division physics laboratory coordinator, CU-Denver.

Altman, Harry <haltman@uchicago.edu> (123456) NJ USA;
I appeared in the documentary "Spellbound"... not really impressive for voting-system purposes, but still impressive for other purposes, I suppose. | |I've looked at a lot of voting systems and range voting appears to be the best I've seen by far. It handles cleanly problems that cause snags for others - but then, for a much better explication of that, you should just read the website.

Redding, John R <rtsquared@sbcglobal.net> (123456) Grand Prairie TX USA;

Beal, Matthew A. <mbeal@activision.com> (123456) Santa Monica CA USA;
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I hope we win.

Brumley, Jonathan S. <jonathan_brumley@yahoo.com> (123456) Austin TX USA;

Brykein, Morgan <mbrykein@gmail.com> (123456) USA;
I am what one might call an activist. I support range voting and the splitline algorithm.

Brykein, Morgan <mbrykein@gmail.com> (123456) USA;
I am what one might call an activist. I support range voting and the splitline algorithm.

Zbornik, Peter <zbornik@gmail.com> (123456) Prague Czech Republic;
Candidate in the 2010 parliamentary elections for the Czech Green party. |I endorse Range voting for intra-party decision-making as well as for public decision-making.

Metcalfe, Ballard Lee <blmetcal@princeton.edu> (123456) Princeton NJ USA;

Burgess, Stephen <st.c.burgess@gmail.com> (123456) Poughkeepsie NY USA;
Graduate of Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA |Artist and writer |History buff |Survivor of chronic depression |Deans List student pursuing associates degree in visual art at SUNY Dutchess Community College |Sales and Marketing associate at an apple orchard/farm bakery

Humphreys, Troy <troy.humphreys@gmail.com> (123456) Encinitas CA USA;
I'm a senior video game AI programmer, there aren't many that do what I do. Maybe that's not so impressive;)

Shapiro, Debbie H. <debbie.wonderkitty@gmail.com> (123456) Woodinville WA USA;
I'm a Data Warehouse Manager and also wrapping up a Masters in Public Policy.

Scearcy, Jacob <jscearcy@prewirespecialists.com> (123456) St Paul MN USA;

Wynn, John <thenewthirdparty@yahoo.com> (123456) New York NY USA;
I've solved how Range Voting and almost every other third party issue can be part of one political platform.

Paris, Dominic R. <lambda.man@mac.com> (12345) San Francisco CA USA;
MA Philosophy, Thesis "Fair Minority Political Representation: Justice as Fairness in a Liberal Multicultural Society."

Best Jr, Andrew <awbest@uark.edu> (123456) Fayetteville AR USA;

Reid,Jack (123456) Austin TX USA;

Tracy, Jeffrey <jtracyshopping@yahoo.com> (123456) Durham NC USA;
Occasional political activist |Former party district chair

Albritton III, Charles C. <KirkFirst@hotmail.com> (123456) Pascagoula Mississippi USA;

Luedtke, Scott V. (123456) Champaign IL USA;

Eckert, D. Charles <Chuck.Eckert@gmail.com> (123456) Herndon VA USA;
IT Manger in Federal Government with over 15 years experience. I work in the Foreign Service so I have participated in election monitoring activities around the world and have knowledge/experience to compare our own election system to.

Sheehan, Edward J. <edward_sheehan18@milton.edu> (123456) Needham MA USA;
Opinion writer for the Milton Measure. Radical Centrist.

Croto, Regina <libertarianconnect@gmail.com> (123456) Ephrata PA United States;
Started Libertarian Connect because I was tired of hearing the 2 party system playing childish games instead of speaking on real issues. It seems that the government does not take their jobs seriously. We the taxpayers fund them to do the good for us as a whole but in turn they mock the very people paying their lavish life styles by degrading one another publicly and placing blame on either other. I am so disgusted by the elected officials collecting congressional welfare while spending more then half of the collected funds for war and rebuilding other countries. This fake power is an illusion to the citizens of America and if something is not done soon we will be at war with many countries before the year is over. | |My main background has been in the Mortgage, Real Estate, Tax and Accounting Industries since 1990's this experience allowed me to see how many people actually run their finances and the how to fill the need of others. It has never be about money for me but instead about the genuine nature of fulfilling the needs of humanity. One person at a time. | |My experience is mainly in the charity sector helping to assist the very people our government should be helping to get them on their feet. Ministering to people in the 90 day program BARC of Coral Springs, Fl, Filling the needs as Secretary of the Board with GAP Outreach, Assisting people as Secretary of the Board with Rich Grace Food Bank of Coral Springs, Fl and helping people with special dietary needs get Organic foods as President of Sow a Better Tomorrow of Ephrata, Pa