LeGrand, Rob <rob@approvalvoting.org> (125) University City Missouri U.S.A.;
Co-founder, Citizens for Approval Voting and Americans for Approval Voting. |Ph.D. student researching voting theory at Washington University in St. Louis. |Campaign assistant for Michael Badnarik, 2004 Libertarian nominee for President of the U.S.A. |2002 Libertarian Party nominee for Texas House of Representatives, District 50. | |"While I generally prefer Approval Voting as a single-winner election reform for several reasons, I see Range Voting as an excellent alternative that may be a more acceptable system to some voters. Range Voting is vastly superior to the prevailing plurality system and is a better reform than IRV and other ranked-ballot systems; it is fully worthy of my endorsement (although I'd prefer to elect the candidate with the largest total score rather than that with the largest average score). I enthusiastically support the efforts of the Center of Range Voting and look forward to working closely with them in the future."

Ong, Elwin <elwino@alum.mit.edu> (12345) Los Angeles CA USA;

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When my fame number increases to 8-9, I will let you know. :)

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Ph.D. student at ETH Zürich

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Springer, Matthew <msprin1@neo.tamu.edu> (123456) College Station TX USA;
Physics Ph.D. student in femtosecond laser research, writer of Built on Facts.

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Iraqi Veteran. Father. American.

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Flatow, Daniel <daniel_flatow@nih.gov> (123456) Silver Spring MD USA;
Master's in mathematics, with job applying those skills | |I thought up this whole range voting system independently, while in ignorance that it had already been known! | |I have additional ideas: Abolish political parties and have all candidates face the voters once, simultaneously. That means no electoral votes or legislative districts. Center the range in the middle (for example, scores from -50 to +50, so that no vote at all defaults to the intermediate score. That takes care of the quorum problem.

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Adjunct Professor at the FH Ingolstadt

Schellhammer, Oliver <b.eldoras.dire@gmx.de> (123456) Prien Germany;
Adjunct Professor at the FH Ingolstadt

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Founding member and webmaster behind SomervilleVoices.org for Somerville, MA.

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PhD candidate in mathematics at New York University | |It is about time for the duopoly to end.

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Bachelor's in Pure Mathematics, President of Whoa Guy Gaming charity

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Getschman, Tedman <Tedgetschman@gmail.com> (123456) Carson City NV USA;
US Navy Commander with great interest in making America function. I think range voting is the key to a functioning government, a united society and a consistent domestic and foreign policy. I think an adoption of range voting (or even AV or STAR) would result in nothing less then a second and golden age of Democracy.