Hijab, Omar (12345) USA;
Mathematics professor; currently chair of Temple Univ. math dept; author of Stabilization of Control Systems (Springer-Verlag 1987) and Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis (Springer-Verlag 1997).15:49_28_Aug_2006

Cooper, Matthew C <dropwing@earthlink.net> (123456) USA;

Lawrence, John C <j.c.lawrence@cox.net> (123456) San Diego CA USA;
MS UCSD Information and Computer Science 1970 |MS Stanford Electronics Engineering 1965 |B S Georgia Tech Electrical Engineering 1964 | |Author of "A Universal Source Coding Scheme for the Binary, Memoryless Source," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1976 | |Two patents on data compression. See website http://www.socialchoiceandbeyond.com under "Claims to Fame."

Robinson, Marnia L., J. D. (123456) Ashland OR United States;
Author of "Peace Between the Sheets: Healing with Sexual Relationships." Election reform is incredibly important. The two-party system allows voters to be manipulated in ways that are bad for the country.

Stockford, Marjorie (123456) Cambridge MA USA;
MBA, MPA, Author of The Bellwomen: The Story of the Landmark AT&T Sex Discrimination Case.

Culshaw, John R. <john@culshaw.info> (123456) Little Falls MN USA;
Civic and business leader and people tend to take my recommendations

Buhler, Lawrence <buhlerlaw7@yahoo.com> (123456) Salt Lake City UT USA;

Brown, David M. <dmbrown at icubed dot com> (123456) Pittsburgh PA USA;
MIT 1981 & 1984, engineer, business owner | |There is no process in our nation that is more mission critical than free and fair elections. | |

Graves, Matthew S <vaniver@gmail.com> (123456) Bowie MD USA;

Langer, David P. (123456) Buffalo Grove IL USA;
Dr. Warren Smith and the people at CRV have presented, using historical, empirical, and mathematical evidence, a strong and well-reasoned argument for their simple common-sense democratic reforms. The unchecked growth of government, its increasing unresponsiveness to the popular will, and the unbreakable grip on power by our two-party duopoly are all serious, entrenched problems that resist resolution largely due to the effective decline of the level of democracy in our nation. More democracy is better; that's an absolute. Proposals like range voting, unbiased automatic redistricting, mandatory recorded roll-call votes on all legislation, the identification of the authors of every component of proposed legislation, and easier ballot access can not only go a long way toward resolving these stubborn issues, but will also increase people's interest, participation, and trust in our cherished democracy. Changes like those proposed here, as well as others like term limits for all federal elective offices and federal judgeships and supermajority requirements for tax increases, are long overdue. | |David Langer |Mathematics Department |Triton College |River Grove, IL

John Tromp <john.tromp@gmail.com> (123456) Stony Brook NY USA;
Computer Scientist |Ofbuscated C Code Contest Winner, author of maze.c |co-author of Tromp/Taylor Rules of Go | |Range Voting is convincingly superior to the alternatives.

Lane, Matt <lane.matthew@gmail.com> (123456) Los Angeles CA USA;
Current 3rd year PhD student at UCLA math's department.

Holt, Robert J. (123456) USA;
B.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Stanford and MIT, respectively. |Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs, 1991-2003 |Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Queensborough, City University of New York, 2003-present. | |Having carefully considered the arguments, range voting makes good, sound sense. Range voting and approval voting are definitely superior to the hodge-podge of voting systems out there today, and I hope to live to see their widespread use. | |

Cochran, Dermot <Dermot.Cochran@ucd.ie> (123456) Dublin Ireland;
Wrote a formal (mathematical) specification for the Irish PR-STV vote counting algorithm.

Pirwani, Imran <pirwani@cs.ualberta.ca> (123456) Edmonton AB Canada;

Mihalakos, Perry <pmihalakos@gmail.com> (123456) Dallas TX USA;

Hall, Jonathan <edoguiguy@yahoo.com> (12356) Tehachapi CA USA;
Respected ellected Director of the Tehachapi Cummings County Water District

Getchell, Adam <acgetchell@ucdavis.edu> (123456) Davis CA USA;

Burrus, Sammye S. <ssburrus@hotmail.com> (123456) Albuquerque NM USA;
associates degree in architecture, b.a. at C.S.U., edmond, ok. |tutor for architects to keep them interested in autocad classes. |elder of the cherokee tribe of okla. |several art awards with museums in native american litature and such under the name: ss. burrus |

Werner, Aaron (123456) Rockford MI USA;

Bustrin, The Rev Craig (123456) Phoenix AZ USA;
Vicar of the Episcopal Church of Saint Mary, Phoenix' only Anglo-Catholic parish.

Mohando, Luis <lfm234 (arroba) nyu (punto) edu> (123456) ;
Lawyer (UTDT), LLM(NYU), LLM(NUS), LLM(UTDT), former resident of Austin, TX as exchange student in the UT School of Law, now residing in overseas. |Is a shame that the USA wants to push so-called "democracy" overseas, while at the same time not having a voting system that could be seriously called "democratic". |No voting systems are perfect, and "democracy" does not require that the system to elect official is voting -officials in the original democracy in Athens were elected largely by lottery-, but plurality, combined with single-winner districts are among the worst possible systems to choose officials based on the people's preferences. |Although I wholeheartedly agree with the proposals as regards single-winner elections, I would also advocate for reducing the instances of single-winner elections, particularly for legislative office. Multi-representative districts (e.g. Arkansas electing its four representatives in one election) following a proportional representation system (D'Hont comes to my mind), would also be conducive to less gerrymandering and better representation of people views in Congress.

Laquidara, Giuseppe (PhD) <giuseppe.laquidara@x-23.org> (123456) ROME IT Italy;
Following Rangevoting since its first appearances, I found some similar peculiarities to my own experimental models for voting machines and political systems. In particular, a prototypical model I called Aurosphere, together with my colleagues, implies biological-genetic evolutionary mechanisms and strategies, and we used anti-gerrymandering and accurate-democracy systems.

Ray, Jonathan <ray.jonathan.w@gmail.com> (123456) Los Angeles CA USA;
Formerly a Software Engineer at Google

Palmertree, William B. <palmertreeb@gmail.com> (123456) Hernando MS USA;

Piet De Pauw <Piet.DePauw@telenet.be> (123456) Oudenaarde Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium;

Helms, Sarah <gazebodweeb@gmail.com> (123456) Verona Wisconsin United States;
Avid social media user, educator, political enthusiast and disgruntled american willing to take action.