Campagna, Richard V. (12345) Coralville IA USA;
USA Vice Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party 2004 (got about 400,000 votes), |international businessman, |university instructor, |legal/psychological counselor. |Degrees from Brown University (B.A.), New York University (M.A.), |St. John's University (J.D.), |Columbia University (M.A.) |and the American College of Metaphysical Theology (Ph.D.). |Also a returning scholar at the University of Chicago.

Clarke, Edward H. <> (12345) Chevy Chase MD USA;
Retired. PhD University of Chicago, 1978. Was senior economist at U.S. Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and during 1983-1988 was Chief of Economic Policy Division, U.S. Agency for International Development. See Website and 2001 Reprint of my book Demand Revelation and Provision of Public Goods.'s bulletin board discusses potential contribution of Demand Revelation to "a perfect voting method" . Range voting may be a good starting point for moving in this direction.

Poundstone, William <> (123456) Los Angeles CA USA;
Author of ten books, including "Fortune's Formula," "How Would You Move Mount Fuji?", "Prisoner's Dilemma." Contributor to The New York Times Book Review, Harper's, the Believer, Harvard Business Review, the Village Voice, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. Currently working on popular-science book about voting and mathematics.

Sloane, Neil J. A. <> (123456) Highland Park NJ USA;
Winner of 2005 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal.
Member of USA National Academy of Engineering, elected Feb. 1998.
Winner of 1998 Claude E. Shannon Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society.
Co-winner of IEEE Information Theory Society Prize Paper Award in both 1995 and 1987.
Winner of 1979 Chauvenet Prize of the Mathematical Association of America.
Co-author of at least 8 books, the most famous of which is probably
The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes (with F. J. MacWilliams).