Brown, Walter F. (12345) Oswego OR USA;
Walter F. Brown ran for president under the Socialist, Protecting Working Families, Natural Law, and United Citizens party banners in 2004, getting about 11,000 votes. (Only on the ballot in 8 states.) With Range Voting it is safe to say he would have got at least 50 times more votes (as a ratio to Bush's votes, say) and quite plausibly 500 times more. Brown is a lawyer, served as state Senator in Oregon (as a Democrat; three terms 1974-1986) and was a Socialist Party candidate for U.S. Congress in 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004. Probably his greatest victory in the Senate came in 1975: the world's first ban on ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs); a ban which served as a model for several other governments (there is now a worldwide ban by treaty, basically). Brown has agreed to endorse us, although the precise final wording may not appear for some time. (Correspondence with him is slow since he is not an e-mail-type person.) He also regards it as likely that we can get the party-wide endorsement from the SP-USA within a couple of months and is helping with getting that done. This may not be the final form of Brown's endorsement.

Badnarik, Michael (1245) TX USA;
The Libertarian Party Presidential nominee in 2004. Libertarian Congressional candidate 2006 (TX-10). Author of book GOOD TO BE KING (about the Constitution). Libertarian State Rep candidate 2002 (TX-48). Libertarian State Rep candidate 2000 (TX-47) (earned 16.9% of vote). Senior trainer for high-tech software company; trainer/programmer for Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant; programmer for Stealth Bomber simulator; senior programmer for Braidwood nuclear power plant simulator; senior programmer at Zion nuclear power plant; USPA skydiving instructor and Safety & Training Advisor; Advanced First Aid instructor; CPR instructor; Water Safety Instructor trainer; scuba instructor; Scoutmaster (10 years); Boy Scout (12 years).